The specification


Deciding on the specification was not difficult for me. The first time I bought a Caterham, I had little or no idea, used some guidance from BlatChat, and rather flukily managed to purchase an awesome car, just the right spec for me.

This time around, having been in the Caterham world for a while, I know exactly what my perfect specification will be, and ordered exactly that.


  • Seven 420 – Complete Kit
  • Wide-bodied Chassis (S5)
  • Self Build
  • R Pack
    • Limited-slip differential
    • Lightweight flywheel
    • Sport suspension pack
    • Uprated brake master cylinder
    • Carbon-fibre dashboard
    • Composite race seats
    • Momo steering wheel
    • 4-point race harnesses
    • Black pack
    • Unique key, gear knob & instruments
    • Shift light
  • 5 Speed Gearbox
  • 13″ Apollo Black Alloy (6″, 8″)
  • Ventilated discs + quad piston calipers
  • Full Windscreen, hood, side screens
  • Tonneau cover
  • Boot Cover – carbon vinyl
  • Fully Carpeted Interior
  • Quick Release for Momo steering wheel
  • Lowered Floors
  • Heater
  • Track Day Roll Bar
  • ZZS Tyre upgrade
  • Filler Cap – Aero option – Black
  • Paint Colour – Ford Frozen White (7VTAWWA)
  • Full Decal Pack – Caterham Blue


This was the biggest challenge. I spent ages looking at other Caterham paint jobs and just car colours in general. In the end I decided on a base that means that I can swap decals and stripes if I choose, and a colour that’s easy to touch up.

So I picked white. But then there are many shades of white, some flat, some pearlescent, some creamy, some at the blue end of the spectrum.

Ford Frozen white has been used for a few years on many of their cars, looks particularly good on that little Fiesta ST. And a very easy paint to get hold of.

My future Caterham will probably look a little something like this:


2 thoughts on “The specification

  1. Hi Marcus,

    Did you make the right call with the paint job? I’m planning a caterham purchase, and your blog really resonated, I’m 6 foot 4 inches and need the SV and probably the lowered floor, that really narrows the second hand market and the price difference doesn’t seem huge.

    A nice think about a new purchase is choosing the colour, I see some lovely blues, reds and yellows but then thought why not white and change the decals? A couple of ideas, the Brawn F1 2009 yellow, or a red strip Senna McLaren inspired job. Is the white practical and is it realistic to expect to change the decals? Are you limited to stripes or is it possible to cover the nose cone?

    Any thoughts appreciated,



    • Hi Rob. I love my white car, but the theory about changing stripe colours regularly remained just that, theory. White is practical for me simply because it’s a solid colour which is easier to touch up or repair. I’d still pick a solid colour every time. I damaged a wheel arch and had to have a new one, and that was a point when I thought that it would have been smarter to have standard black arches for a car that goes on track a lot. Black is the default unpainted colour. But it would look awful with four black arches on a white skinned car. If I had my time again, I’d consider a darker colour for that reason. Depends on your use case though. Hope this helps!


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