Build slot and delivery schedule

My build slot is week 16 2016, so the 3rd week in April next year. It takes 8 weeks from that point to get the chassis built, paint work and body skin sorted, and all those big brown boxes filled with the parts (hopefully without shortages). 

This means that the delivery target is week 24, so mid-June. If this goes according to plan, and the average 100 hour build takes about 3 months of weekend/evening work, then I’m looking at a September completion. Provided I can time the Post Build Check and IVA right. Oh, and provided I can actually build the thing without getting my knickers in a twist. 

Which means plans a group of friends and I have for a week in Scotland “doing” the Highlands 500 tour will either have to wait until September, or I passenger or hire a car for the event. Damn. 

It also means that realistically I should be able to run it in before winter sets in and I go into hibernation. I may even get a Sept/Oct track day scheduled before the end of the year. 

Other than the experience of the build, 2016 is going to be a quiet season of Caterham ownership for me. The upside is that I’m not freezing my nuts off in a winter build, and I am already imagining long summer  days with a beer in hand in the evenings and balmy sunshine as a backdrop…

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