Gearbox update part 2

I don’t think asking on Blatchat helped my decision making regarding which gearbox to select. What it did do is give me more insight around the technical differences between the two, and helped me understand the theory a little more. 
In the end a chat with Caterham solved the problem. I spoke to Greg at BookATrack, their newly hired Sales Exec, who comes from Caterham Midlands and more recently Caterham South. In the space of a ten minute conversation he set my mind at rest and I know that for me I have made the right decision. 

Basically the bottom line is that most employees at Caterham who have driven both gearbox variants favour the new Mazda 5-speed. It’s apparently a “sweeter” box and the majority of recent builds have used it. It’s perfectly good for a mix of track and road, and an anecdotal story about another owner sealed the deal. Basically this other guy bought the 5-speed with the aim of trying and swapping out later for track work. A few months later he decided that he liked the 5-speed so much he was going to stick with it. His driving profile mirrors mine. 

Oh and the icing on the decision cake was that if I chose the 6-speed there would have been a much longer wait for a build slot as they have a shortage right now, and none are in stock. It would have added at least 2 months to the schedule. 

Problem solved, order confirmed, build slot agreed, delivery slot target week agreed. 

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