Man Maths and pies

So now the gearbox is sorted and the order is underway I got to thinking that it’s the nut behind the wheel that has the biggest impact on track performance. I have so much to learn in this area that it probably makes the 5-speed/6-speed debate I have been in mental turmoil over a bit of a storm in a tea cup.

After a bunch of years on track days, I know that the most important things to sort are:

  • Driver skill
  • Car setup (suspension, tracking etc.)
  • Tyres and pressures
  • Weight (driver – pies and beer)

I can deal with 3 out of the above 4 fairly easily. And no, the pie/beer problem is not the biggest challenge.

Driver skill is the one I’m going to aim for big improvements in 2016/2017. And the man maths part of this blog title? Well, here goes…the money I saved by not going for the 6-speed would be better spent (if I’m allowed!!) on a VBox set up in car.

The kit I have my eye on it the VBox Lite plus OLED predictive timer and 2 bullet cameras. The current RRP is around £1400. Check out their kit at VBox web store.

I feel that this kit installed, in conjunction with some good tuition and data analysis will be my goal, but timing wise it’s likely to be pie in the sky until 2017.

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