Arrival Day

I received a call to say that my car was ready, and with no shortages (really?!), last week. The only problem was that I was due to be flying to the US with work and not back until Friday 20th May, so the plan was to deliver my kit on Friday afternoon.

Typical Friday traffic out of Heathrow and north was bad, so a 12 hour flight, and a 2 and a half hour drive got me home 10 minutes before arrival.

Enjoy the photos, I’m too tired to go through any kind of inventory this evening. The only thing I know for fact is that I have been sent 2 silencers, one that does not terminate with an end pipe, so I guess that’s an error and some poor soul is missing their silencer that attaches to their rear terminating track day “quieter” exhaust kit.

If Derek works on a Saturday, I may well introduce myself to him tomorrow about this.

So here are the very first photos of “arrival” home after birth.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Notice the lovely Keith, ex-of the old Caterham Midlands franchise, now working at BookaTrack. It was nice to see him again, was always cheery and helpful on my visits to the old place.

The nice touch is that the keys and owners manual arrived in a nice box with a welcome letter from Graeme MacDonald. Very nicely done Caterham.

However, the build guide is a DIY job, so as I sit here typing this my printer is working overtime on the 219 page print. Tomorrow is going to be fun!

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