Day 2: Addendum!

Bosh, suspension….done…easy

I was quite disappointed that I didn’t finish off the suspension by the end of day 2. The main problem was that I didn’t trust that the top wishbone ball joint had seated properly, and access to the temporary locking nut was a challenge with the tools I had.

The two problems I was having was that it was a little challenging from an access perspective with the wing stay flange in the way (not the right socket), and I wasn’t sure when the top joint would snap into place regarding torque amount.

Blatchat to the rescue with the tightening issue – the top mount is on a taper under the rubber, and it just slips in and locks.

And Halfords to the rescue with a better (less deep) sockets that would allow me to fit the socket and get the torque wrench into the small triangular space at the back of the wing stay.

Embarrassingly, and a lesson I will remember (and probably fail again with) is that it’s all about having the correct tools. In total 1.5 hours of elapsed time, including trip to Halfords to complete the RHS assembly.

I popped into the garage at lunch time today and did the LHS assembly from start to finish in 18 minutes.

So that’s the true (Marcus adjusted for stupidity) Day 2 conclusion. Here are some pictures of progress.

It’s amazing how satisfying it is to see this progression. I know I’ve only just started, but I’m still giddy with enthusiasm.

Problem is that I’m away for a while now, and no more build time until the weekend of the 4th and 5th June….


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