Day 14: Completion, final brake bleed, 1st Drive


I wanted to start a new page for the momentous occasion of “first drive”, but its important to say that this is still Day 14 of the build and the final day. I have nothing else to do other than wait for the PBC (post Build check) which is 10th August, so next Wednesday. After that, I have it booked into Northampton Motorsport on 17th August for rolling road running in cycle with the current Mineral oil I used.

And I received a confirmation email letting me know that my IVA had been processed and that I could now phone them up and pay the £450. I applied online on 15th July, so its taken a little time, but the person who processes the applications has been off on summer holiday!

I will pay on Monday 8th and hope that I get a Z number and a test date in August. Book a Track are processing it through the test for me.

Final Brake Bleed

But I have got ahead of myself a little. I bought another litre of brake fluid because I had two small leaks and a floppy brake pedal and wanted to have another crack at getting it right. Paul popped over for an hour or two to help with the bleed and to come for a first drive.

It didn’t take long to bleed the brakes, washing another half a litre through the system and removing quite a bit of air in the process. The brake pedal is definitely coming to me now, which is good.

1st Drive

I’m lucky in that I live at the bottom of a long private road, and therefore I can drive up and down without fear of being caught driving an unregistered car on the Queens highway.

So we both strapped in, and my youngest daughter Lucy (10) recorded the video on her iDevice. The video is funny because of this, as you could sense the moments she was bored or away with the fairies. To be fair though, she kept it running all the time.

The first hitch was that we couldn’t get off the drive with the ballast on board, as the car grounded. I live on a little estate of 5 houses, with 3.5 built and an unfinished road, so its a bit of a drop off the kerb as the road is unfinished. My old car made this OK, and the new one just about did, but only after the passenger ballast exited the vehicle 😉

Enjoy the vid!


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