Full Video of Build!


For the duration of the build I have been using my GoPro to take a fixed photo every 60 seconds. Every time I walked into the garage I made sure that it was on and recording photos, and it felt like I was spending more time cycling 3 batteries in and out of camera and charger at times!

I exported all images out of the “Photos” app on our home Mac into sequential numbered files. I then used some software called “Stop Motion Studio” to recompose the shots into video files. I couldn’t use “iMovie” which comes built into OSX because it only allows a minimum of 0.1 seconds between shots, and that would have made for a very long and tedious video. I played around with Stop Motion Studio settings and settled on 15 frames per second, as anything faster and you lose the ability to see much of the work. Any slower and it creates a movie that’s too long for most people to be bothered to watch.

I struggled a little with this software because you cant just dump 5000+ photos at it and get it to work. It brings up spurious error messages that I eventually worked out relate to “Out of Memory” issues. So in the end I broke it all down into 1000 picture “chunks” of videos.

It then wouldn’t recompose the 6 video files output into one without re-sequencing the video frames incorrectly. This was beginning to drive me insane until I googled and found out that “QuickTime”, part of OSX, allows you to merge video files together. So I merged all 6 video files I’d created earlier, and ended up with a 5 minute 51 second video output of the total build.

Accurate build timings

I created 5257 photos at 60 second intervals, so my previous estimate of 95 hours total elapsed build time is actually too high. In total 5257 photos equates to just under 88 hours build, which I’m really pleased with.

Completed car photos


Complete “Stop Motion” video of the build

If you have just under 6 minutes to waste, then I hope that you enjoy the following video, I know that I will keep looking back on this in years to come with very fond memories of the process of assembling my own car. I simply can’t wait to get it through its PBC and IVA, and get some number plates on.

My next post will be a review of this process, so hopefully within the next 2 weeks.



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