PBC results

I got my car back from Post Build Check (PBC) with a list of faults to rectify. I was told (thanks Greg) that my car was a good build, and the fault list is mainly adding trim and caps specifically for the IVA.

But there were a few build issues, so let’s document those first.

Build Issues or faults to rectify

  1. My shift light (single light middle of dash) doesn’t work – Caterham BaT to fix
  2. Oil pressure and water temp gauges not working – I reported this, but during PBC there was no time to diagnose and fix – Caterham BaT to fix
  3. My Clutch stop is loose – me to adjust, a 2 minute job
  4. Engine earth to the bell housing is too close to exhaust primary no. 4 – quick fix, move to another bolt head around the bell housing
  5. Too many washers on rear flexible brake hose (union tightening up on lock nut) – sure I did this exactly as build guide, but something I can fix whilst trying not to lose any brake fluid.
  6. Door hinge pins should be on doors, not stanchions – daft error on my part, I knew this, but still put them on the wrong way around, easy fix.
  7. Coolant and oil level low – simple to add more of both, was told oil level needs to be up to the baffle you can see in the oil tank, but apparently needs to be a little over this. Every time I start the car, the coolant level goes down a little, just air poets working themselves out of the system.
  8. Upper steering rod is rusty – it went in not rusty, but it now is. Other than squirting fairy liquid on it to get it through the two collars, it’s just sat there in the car and rusted over a month by itself, in a cool, dry garage – Caterham agreed to replace.

IVA Checklist items still to sort

Caterham dealers have an IVA checklist sheet, one for each IVA test centre they use because there are differences in each centres approach, which is mad, but true!

Items I have to do specifically for Nottingham IVA centre that I either haven’t done, or wasn’t aware of are:

  1. Rubber IVA trim – I need some added to edges of knee panels
  2. I have to properly glue down the rubber IVA trim around the indicator pods, front wings and wishbone cut outs. I knew this, but was trying to get away with it. The moment it passes IVA is the moment I rip ALL of the horrible black rubber trim off the car, so it would have been easier to do so without it all being super glued. Apparently I cant get away with this. Bah humbug!
  3. Bolt caps – I forgot to add a plastic bolt cap to the lower wishbone upright suspension bolt
  4. Bolt caps – I have to add a small cap to the bung holes in the rear bottom of the front shocker bolts
  5. Cat spring hooks – the metal sharp bits of the catalytic converter spring mounts need a little piece of washer hose fitting over the ends
  6. Side repeaters – I have to feed washer tube over side repeater wiring on the wing stay through the side skin where it could chafe.
  7. Add scuttle trim to leading edge of catalyst guard – I knew this and forgot…
  8. Inside balance pipe bolt – a bolt needs a cap on the inner side of the twin pot callipers
  9. ARB Gaiter – I need two more ARB gaiters to cover the top ball joints on the suspension.
  10. Inertia Switch wiring – I need to secure now the inertia switch wiring, the only wire I haven’t tidied up in the engine bay – needs covering with rubber tubing or insulation tape in addition to being cable tied.
  11. Secure handbrake cable with off cuts of rubber coolant pie and cable ties where it sits against the chassis and could rub
  12. Remove doors and hinges – apparently it wont pass with doors attached!
  13. Mirrors mounted via IVA stalks on the top hole on the side of the windscreen – I mounted mine on the middle hole, simply following assembly guide…
  14. I have to label the dashboard switches with temporary sticky labels.

So in fact I’m very pleased, as there really was nothing significant to fix, as you can see!

I can handle all of the items in both lists in a couple of hours, and will do so over the weekend.

Next stage is Northampton Motorsport for rolling road running in session – I drop the car off at 8am next Wednesday morning (17th August). Will report back after that.

Oh and I am currently arranging Premier Paint Guard (Dave) to come and fit the paint protection film – agreed a price, just sorting a date.





2 thoughts on “PBC results

  1. HI Marcus.

    I really enjoyed following along with your build. I think a 98 hour completion is pretty damn quick, and the car looks stunning. Thanks for posting this list in particular, I think it will be really useful when I get to the IVA stage (kit arrives in October) as I’m planning on putting the car through IVA before PBC. Loigistics are driving this, I don’t have anywhere to get the PBC done that I can reach easily. I’ll be going over your list with a fine toothed comb and trying to get into the minds of the testers!

    Thanks again, hope you enjoy the car. I’ve a good idea you will!


    • Thanks Rob! Depending on the location you elect for IVA, Caterham may have a document that can help you. The BookaTrack IVA document I received with my notes on was a document related to the Nottingham test centre, as each has their own idiosyncrasies apparently!


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