Running in and Paint Protection

Running in @ Northampton Motorsport

I took my car to NMS based on recommendations from BlatChat and, as previously mentioned Derek Clarke, who is doing the same with his build, and thats another track orientated car. I thought it would be a good idea from a peace of mind perspective, knowing that the moment I have the car registered and on the road and track I can simply “go for it”. Its also a good stress test in a controlled environment, as its checked over during the process, and far better to have a problem at this point as opposed to on the road.

So last Wednesday I trailered it down to NMS in early rush hour and left it in the capable hand of Troy, who runs NMS, whilst I sat in the back of my S-Max and worked on my laptop using the wifi.

I did hang around and natter to Troy for the first 15-30 mins or so, but the excitement wore off rapidly, as it’s ultimately quite a tedious job, and almost as bad as watching paint dry for any spectator!

I did take a quick video and a few photos, and most importantly, once the main job was completed, Troy provided me with a full power and torque trace, shown below.

I was slightly miffed that it didn’t record a max of 210 BHP, but 204 is close, and it was both a warm day and a brand new engine. Tory implied that given 1000 miles and a little loosening up, it would report 5+ BHP more. Most importantly, this is a torque curve my old K series would be envious of. Pretty much a flat line all of the way through.


Around 3 hours later, I had strapped the car back onto the trailer and I was on the way home, in time for lunch.

If you want to see why I went and sat in the car park and got on with my own work, enjoy a minute of Troy on video:

Premier Paint Guard

My old car had 3M paint protection, and I knew that I wanted to go down the same route, as once peeled off 12 years later, the paint work on my old car was in perfect condition underneath the protective layer.

Technology has moved on a little too, and whilst the 3M protection is still available, another option is available from Suntek. My next door neighbour Andrew has this on his car (R8), and the moment I saw it, I knew that this was the option to go for, as its self-healing and considerably thinner than the 3M option.

Dave from Premier Paint Guard came around to our house on Friday, just two days after the NMS visit. I was up very early to give my car it’s inaugural wash before I started my working day. Literally I was out washing the car at 7:30 and in the rain! I pushed it back into the garage to dry and was done and dusted my 8:45am, just in time for my normal working day.

Dave turned up at 2pm, and Steph was at home to make him a few cups of tea as I sat welded to my work computer until 4:30pm. Pretty perfect timing, as the job was just about complete, and looked amazing. I know I could have saved a bit of money doing this myself, but I have seen other self-builders have the odd challenge. My opinion on this was to “get the professionals in” and pay for a great service. It was the right decision for me, and Dave is awesome at his job, and a very nice bloke too.

He recommends removing the exhaust, not fitting the nose cone badge, and ideally even not fitting the rear stone guards. I had fitted all of these, and he worked around the exhaust and stone guards. However, he did whip off the badge with some super fine string to cut through the glue, and refitted it properly afterwards. Maybe more of a pain for him was the exhaust, but it was completed in place with no issue. Start to finish 2.5 hours.

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