IVA test success!


Just a quick update to say that my IVA was this Wednesday, and I asked BookaTrack to process it for me. I dropped the car off early Monday morning, after completing the PBC list of workshop notes, and BaT fixed the other faults that I couldn’t (Oil pressure gauge, shift light not working).

I’m pleased to say that it passed and I have the VOSA test certificate in my hands. I picked up the car and it’s now back in my garage awaiting the next step. All of this has been made much easier by having my own trailer, and BaT have stored it when I’ve dropped my car off each time.


Unfortunately I assumed that I could pick up a DVLA licensing form (V55/4) either from a Post Office or download from the DVLA web site.

I just checked this tonight, and regret not checking a week or so back. You have to fill in an online form to request the shipping of the V55/4 form. And there is a 7-10 days lead time stated on the web site.

I am suddenly really frustrated. It would have been good to have been informed of this process, so I’m warning all of you self-builders now!

You need to go to to the DVLA form request site and select “V55/4 Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a new motor vehicle” once you have pressed the big green button to “Start Now”.

There isn’t really a bright side to my faux pas here, but if there was it would be that I now have a few weeks to complete a few remaining tasks.

Remaining tasks

  1. Remove all IVA rubber trim I was forced to super glue to the car – horrid stuff, looks worse on a white car.
  2. Perform oil change (rom the special running in oil, directly to the Millers 5W/50 that came with the kit
  3. Attach Thundersport half hood
  4. Fix door mirrors correctly (to the doors as opposed to the windscreen as per IVA request)
  5. Remove all dashboard stickers (IVA request)
  6. Remove any other pieces of superfluous rubber bungs, bolt head caps
  7. Remove windscreen and fit my existing aeroscreen
  8. Fit number plates in anticipation!
  9. Swap front mesh and Caterham 7 badge grille over (IVA requirements that mesh is in front of grille)
  10. Consider painting the number 7 in white and the rest in black. Not sure yet, I will see what I think when I swap the mesh and grille over.
  11. Sit in the garage on an evening and wait for the moment it’s registered and road legal 😉


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