My name is Marcus, or on BlatChat as Mucus72. Happy Caterham 7 owner since 2011, but now without a special car in my life, as I await delivery of my new Caterham 7, sometime in late March or early April 2016.

Since owning a Caterham 7, I have met a load of great new people with a similar passion and outlook on life. I have been to Le Mans a few time, the Isle of Man TT and numerous track days or Lotus7Club arranged events.

I’ve posted on and off on BlatChat, and always check in to see what others are up to.

I work in IT, for a software company, and really enjoy my role. It will be fun to see how I can fit the build into a fairly hectic life, with a fair amount of work travel, family commitments and the very regular need to just sit down, chill and drink beer and whisky.

I’m hoping that some of my friends will come and help me along with the process, and beer, food and hotel services will be on offer for the special team!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Still enjoying the 5 speed, or wish you went for the 6? What final drive did you receive? I read the 5 speed can be supplied with a 3.92, which would help reduce 3rd gear a little?


  2. Hello Marcus,

    Nice blog, and great job on the build. I have owned three Sevens years ago, but now live in the USA with my Morgan Plus 8. I will be returning to the U.K. later this year and will be buying a 420 or 620 – but I have a (what should be obvious) question – do you still have to pay VAT on a new kit car? The online VAT refs that I have found say that all-new kit cars are VAT-free, but I am sceptical in view of Euro regs. Can you enlighten me?



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